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The Future of the Blackfoot Office

 Discussion with Dr. Jones and Dr. Blight on the Future of the Blackfoot Office for Bluebird Family Eye Care

Interviewer: Gentlemen, that you for taking some time today to discuss some of the recent big changes to your Blackfoot office. For our audience, Bluebird currently consists of four doctors: 2 in Pocatello, Drs. Housley and Flandro, Dr. Ivie is in your Idaho Falls office and up until today, Dr. Jones, you have been the only doctor in your Blackfoot office.

Dr. Jones: That’s correct and of course, our big news is adding Dr. Nick Blight to this office bringing Bluebird Family Eye Care to five doctors and our Blackfoot office to two doctors. I have known Dr. Blight for many years and of course, he was working less than a mile away, so we knew of each other’s work. This close proximity of offices will make it very easy for Dr. Blight’s patients to follow him to the new office if they so choose.

Interviewer: And Dr. Blight, why the change? Is there not enough room in Blackfoot for all of the optometrists?

Dr. Blight: I am not sure about having enough room, but medicine in general and optometry, in particular, is a team sport. No one doctor, regardless of years in practice, knows everything and there is great comfort as a clinician and an improved service capacity for patients when doctors decide to team together. This team of Dr. Jones and me is not just one plus one, but an overall greater change in capacity, capability, and services which I found very attractive and the way I would like to spend the rest of my optometric career.

Interviewer: Those are great points, but can you be a little more specific so we understand what it means to patients?

Dr. Blight: Sure. Simple things like if I took a day off before, I was not available to patients.  Now, with partners, my patients can be seen at a moment’s notice when necessary and this gives me great comfort that that is better service and better care.  Bluebird is open a new instore lab in our Idaho Falls office next month, and that will cut the time for patients to receive their prescription glasses by two-thirds and we will also have emergency capabilities for same day service when warranted.

Dr. Jones: Dr. Blight brings some complementary skills to the office that I don’t have and that will means better service. We are both looking to relaunch a vision therapy program again here in Blackfoot to serve those kids who may be struggling in school due to vision deficiencies.

Interviewer: That does sound positive.  Is there enough room in the Meridian street office?

Dr. Jones: Fortunately, when we built that building, we built it with future growth in mind.  We need to make a few changes to increase the number of exam lanes, but that should take a day or two and we will be ready. Our online electronic health record is already equipped to handle patients that may be treated in our different offices and we have a number of new frame lines in our optical while has enhanced the selection. Both Dr. Blight and I will be seeing more specialty contact lens patients, as well, as we both have a background in scleral lenses and hard to fit patients. With two of us in the office, we are also discussing our new ability to expand office hours both earlier and later which should make it more convenient to make an appointment outside of your work-day than ever before.

Interviewer: Whew! That’s a lot for the people of Blackfoot.  Sounds like optometry has taken a step up with this move.  Congratulations to you both.