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Eye Care In Blackfoot, Idaho

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The only thing more satisfying that protecting your eyesight is looking sensational while you do it. We carry an excellent selection of sunglasses designed to protect your eyes and keep you looking cool in the heat.

Come see us to browse our great variety of sunglass brands, or learn a little bit more about all the sunglass brands we carry below. Watch our Sunwear Video.

100% UV Protection

In order to be truly effective, sunglasses must have 100% UV protection. We know you want more than just a stylish statement from your sunglasses. That’s why we only carry sunglasses with 100% UV protection.

Browse some of the designer eyewear brands we carry!

Trust Our Wow Guarantee

For 12 months after your purchase, we’ll replace or fix your glasses for only a 25 dollar co-payment. It doesn’t matter what happened to them; whether you sat on them, or your dog chewed them to pieces. Our Wow Guarantee is unconditional. When you purchase from Bluebird Vision + Wellness, you’re investing in more than just premium eyewear; you’re investing in peace of mind.

Repairs and Adjustments

Our Wow Guarantee also entitles you to free adjustments, nose pad replacements, screw tightening and replacement, and basic frame alignment and care for the lifetime of the glasses.