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Spider Veins

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are dilated blood vessels that appear on the surface of the skin leading to an unpleasant complexion. These veins form near the nostrils, on the nose, on the ears, and on the cheeks and chin. As we age, our skin loses volume, causing it to become more translucent and for these blood vessels to become more prominent. Our blood vessels protrude and become more apparent. Genetics can play a role in their appearance and sun damage often makes this condition worse. Thankfully, this is only a cosmetic concern and does not include symptoms or medical risks. However, as these usually appear on the face, they can be troubling for many of us seeking to look our best.

What causes spider veins to appear?

Large “feeder veins” are the primary cause of spider veins. These feeder veins cause disruptions in the body via blood buildup leading to poor circulation. The resulting disruption in flow leads to non-functional, “dead-end” veins to appear on the surface of the skin as spider veins.

Though they pose no health risk, these veins are unpleasant to look at. Due to this, many people prefer having them removed. Bluebird Vision + Wellness is happy to provide non-invasive treatment options to help those struggling with this condition.

How can Bluebird Vision + Wellness help me?

At Bluebird Vision + Wellness, we can reduce unsightly veins on the face using the TempSure Envi. TempSure Envi minimizes spider veins, lesions, and redness, leading to cleaner and clearer skin. By using this device, we offer our clients an ideal, non-invasive option that requires no downtime.

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