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Why do scars form?

Scars may occur due to wounds to the skins from accidents, certain skin conditions like acne, surgical scarring, or as a result of certain diseases.

When recovering from a wound or injury, your skin cells produce collagen at a faster than normal rate to repair the wound. This results in a scar, which is an area of skin that is typically thicker and not as flexible as the surrounding skin.

The appearances of scars will vary depending on location, cause, how your specific body heals, and your natural skin tone. Scars may be flat, raised (also called a keloid scar), or depressed. They can also vary in size, texture, and color.

If you have a scar on your face that you want to reduce, there are non-surgical treatment options available. At Bluebird Family Eye Care, we offer some of the most advanced technology in the field of aesthetics.

How can Bluebird Family Eye Care help me?

Bluebird Family Eye Care offers non-invasive TempSure Envi laser treatments designed to reduce superficial scarring. TempSure Envi stimulates collagen and elastin production, helping firm up skin and smooth out/reduce fine lines, scarring, and stretch marks. Treatments are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime. At Bluebird Family Eye Care, we customize your session based on your concerns and aesthetic goals!

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Schedule a consultation at any one of our three office locations in Eastern Idaho today. During your initial appointment, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and create a custom treatment plan specifically for you. Call 208-785-7274 for more information.

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